Woman's head (wip)

Hi everyone, here is my first descent attempt to sculpt a head. I saw a few tutorials(for zbrush actually but perfect) and i believe that i am in a good point. I have no experience in sculpting (or general) and i would like some critiques. I know the ears needs smoothing but apart from that?
And something else …Is this render, with text. paint good for someone to judge or is it better a colorless model. I m posting a second pic i render just for pre-visualization.
Thanx in advance.

Hey, that is a good starting point. Looks good :slight_smile:
When i start sculpting from scratch i always try to get the anatomy and proportions right at the beginning. Never sculpt without reference, even if you want to make a diffrent face get some reference from similar faces and different angles. I usually make some spheres and cylinders with boolean to one mesh to get a start and then block out the facial landmarks. And i know detailing the head is the most fun part but i sculpt the head just roughly until it looks good…or not and then starting new. Never overdo it, just start new if you feel its gonna take you nowhere.
Just with that your sculpts will improve immediatly.
And i would just focus on the sculpts rather than texture them. If you really wanna improve you have to sculpt a lot of heads :wink:

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Thank u!!I understand know that know sculpting with reference (a lot) is the most important thing.
I tried in the past just from my imagination and the result was awful! And then usually quick baaad retopo and start “detailing’”… Short of.
But we are not natural born sculptors :frowning:.
Unfortunately I have already start retopo, im almost finished, but am starting to re - evaluate of what are the basic skills even for amateur.
Thanks again for the feedback.

A small update. With textures.Quick render in eevee and a little color twigging in gimp. I m starting rigging, hope to finish it soon. And sculpt again!!

The 'ha’t is just something to cover the empty sculpt, i will try with hair or a better cap later.

New update…The rig for the body isn’t good so i m having wired deformations. But i m just learning substance (i took the 30 days free trial at last!) and it’s something to start. I m very happy with the results so far, especially in the face and cap .I will try to model some shoes, and a better mesh for the body.