Wonder Mesh

I just wanted to crow about the Wonder Mesh add-on. I know that it’s been available for a long time now, but I just picked up the version for 2.8. One thing that I didn’t like about Blender after moving to it from my very basic Max experience was that you can’t edit the parameters of a primitive (add segmentation, etc), if you so much as transform the primitive.

Wonder Mesh takes care of that, plus it puts handy animation controls right there. It’s an excellent add-on and that, combined with Boxcutter, is going to help me finish this little rocketship model today.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Didn’t know wonder mesh was available for 2.8.
thanks for the heads up.

Is it on github or another spot now? GitHub looks to be 1+ years old I think.

Blender Market has it.


And apparently Github also has it. :slight_smile:

I bought the addon because I believe the addon deservs a way better rating on Blender Market.
I think the Wonder Mesh has a good future: Try experimenting with a modifier stack like: taper, remesh in blocks, cast, bevel etc. And then adjust parameters in the properties panel > Object data > WmeshData.

Update: to support the developer a bit I made an article with video on:

The video show how interesting the Wonder Mesh addon is for generative modeling.


I just got this addon and I’m finding it a pleasure to work with!

Does anyone know how to detect through python whether a mesh is a wonder mesh or not? I was thinking of adding to my custom Apply Object Transforms script the function to convert Wmeshes to regular meshes (with the command bpy.ops.convert_w_mesh()). Anyone has a clue on how to identify wonder meshes through code?

The clue must be in WonderMesh code itself, because I see a message in the properties panel when an object/mesh is not a wonder mesh.

Pretty sure the addon stores its information in an object’s ‘Custom Properties’, which you’ll find under its Object Data (the little triangle) tab in the Properties panel.
It’ll look something like this

I installed Wonder Mesh in a recent Blender alpha or beta version (at least 2.82), and noticed a heavy lag when manipulating the parametric values. Did anyone else notice this?

I’ll check if I see chance to make time. You might be interested in BsMax_2_80 That has quite some “Primitives”.
You will see the primitives in the menu bar in the viewport called “Create”. It’s quite similar to Wonder Mesh but I didn’t see an option to convert it to “real” mesh.


Clear primitive data command was in right click menu. looks like I remove that by mistake.
for now use “clear primitive data” command from search, it works on multiple objects too.
I`ll fix it in next update

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This is really cool and works really well! It is awesome to have something working so well that I have been wanting for years, hope you keep developing it!

ps: wish there was no “free version” link on blender market :frowning:

This Python fix from @Atomvar helped to get rid of the slow-down:

in the w_mesh addons folder, go to __init._.py line 309 and delete ", icon=‘NDOF_DOM’ ".

It’d be great if the add-on developer could add support for adding a W-Mesh object oriented to the screen or 3D cursor. It would be even cooler if the objects could be added interactively on a surface, like QBlocker offers.


in 2.82.7 released this morning, the “Convert to regular mesh” button is no longer available.
also, noticeably heavy lag as Metin mentioned.

Did you try the Python fix?


i went this morning to Blender Market and downloaded the 1.01 version.
i don’t think i was notified of the new version, but this one works correctly.

tnx m8 !

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1.0 was laggy and extremely slow in 2.83 , but just downloaded 1.01, it’s perfect, everyhting behave as it should be thank you for this.