Did you make all three ?

pretty much. No borrowed Assets, all made from ground up. I have actually made the tower asylum a few years ago… today I took the window bricks and thought how sick it would be to give them some detail and create an interior shot … I always wanted to do that, haha

They all came out great… Really like that asylum, the black and white render really does it justice, looks like an old photograph.

That “doll”, its the second piece of art work ive seen like it recently, is that style called something ?

Again, nice job.

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thanks Joe, I appreciate it. I am glad it is perceived this way…

on the style… I have no idea honestly… they keep popping up in my membrane like that :sweat_smile:
maybe if we called it “weird” we might be on the money? haha

Funny, went back to see where i seen the other piece of art work… and it was you ( The 0003), lol…

Maybe it was in a movie or something, but when i seen 0003, the style looked familiar for some reason… maybe not an art style or a doll style, but its something (other then being cool) :smiley:

…I’ve just uploaded it on Google image search to see what would come up… maybe there was something similar… and the result: “Demon”

It’s official, the style is “Halloween mask”-style :stuck_out_tongue: