Won't be around much for a while

(BlenderBob) #1

Woe is me!!! :frowning: I won’t be around much on chat or the msg boards much. Many computer problems have been nagging me!! :x Lemme tell you the story:
First we scan-disked the computer.
It showed up some cross linked files, which we promptly tried to fix through the scan-disk programme, which in turn promptly killed alot of stuff. Now my internet won’t load up without me getting a bluescreen :o after fugging around with hmmm… everything… My father who fixes problems like this for a living goes off and ERASES THE WHOLE GALL DARN CACHE!!! ACK! I’v was kicked in the head and then i was beaten some more. He then promptly decides to install win98 (Ugh) to get everything to work again! Yah, something happened and now the internet works… but… I can’t d/l anything without the same bluescreen problem happening alllllllll over again, Death to the computer and whatever is killing my computer.
Does anyone have any ideas that don’t involve getting Linux?
Win XP?

A sad sad Blenderbob

p.s. Kib_Tph you need to get a crying face :frowning: <-- like that with tears

(malefico) #2

Does anyone have any ideas that don’t involve getting Linux?
Win XP?

A sad sad Blenderbob


Sorry for you Bob but THAT was what put me into Linux in the first place.
I’ve heard XP is better than the other crap. (i’ve heard that about w98 too btw)

Good luck.


(IngieBee) #3

my Win98 was so impossible on my original machine, I installed xp on that machine. It works a bit better, but now I can’t get my cd writer to work. Whatever… I’d put Linux on this machine too, but I’d miss all my old proggies I got on it. At least we got Macs and Linux on the others ;oP

Don’t know what else to say, except back-up and don’t let your hard drives get too old before you replace 'em or at least back 'em up so you can use 'em till they die. They will die, just remember that.

Hey, good luck to you though.