Wont Render

ok, this is strange. I rendered an image once before I added materials (to make sure the shape was right). I added a material. Now when I press F12 i get a black screen (yes I have lighting). When I press the small render button on the toolbar with like view, and object, and mode (I have version 2.31a) it renders the image only not where the camera is and not in any of the correct colors. I can add a world background, but then My image comes out as a black outline against the background. Has anyone else had this trouble? How do I fix it?

seeing the blend would help probably, but here are some problems you might have.

Is the light pointing at the object (if it’s a spot). Maybe the lights are in a seperate layer from the object (Press the ~ to use all layers).

Those might work, there are probably lots of other problems that could be causing this, however.

Defenitly your Material Settings!
Just insert a new one and you´ll see.
Your light is white isn´t it?
Your light has an sufficient distance, it points in the right direction, oh man there isso much just try it ,it´s not Blender…

Ok…Now it renders, I dont know what it was, I think it was materials. :expressionless: That kind of freeked me out, but oh well as long as it renders.

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