I was just wondering im looking to up my graphics card and i need to find out how much my power supply does can anytell me where to look, is it in the case or do i need to download something any help would be appreciated thanx

Should be on a sticker on the side of the power supply…should say something like 250W 300W 400W 450W…450W is a good one, where a 250W would be crap…

depends on graphics card your getting

try to get a quality one ~480+ watts. antec and enermax are good brands to get. that would handle anything in the future you might upgrade to (SLi, pcie sata) it would be more than enough power

higher end cards need bigger supplies

mines a 250w (thank you compaq) it barely powers my system (2800+ xp, 2dvd 1hdd and a 5200) i need to get a bigger one before ANY upgrades