Wood table Help XD

Hey im currently some furniture lately, today i worked on this table but im having a small problem , i want the top of my table to be a rectangular glass but its just looking white! :s ill leave a piccc


Could we see the transparency panel?

Probably white cause it’s reflecting the white sky around it, try turning mirror value down to like .1 cause if you look at a glass table top you’ll probably notice that you see the what’s on the otherside better than the reflection

okey i turned reflectivity down and the object just got kinda darker but its still the same!

You can see it on the attached picture ,u cna also check the transparency settings now :stuck_out_tongue:


You should always attach a blend file as there are a number of possible reasons why it doesn’t come out like you expect and just looking at your screenshot for example does not answer the two following questions.
Do you have Ray Tracing selected in the render / shading settings ?
Do you have Traceable selected in the material / options panel ?

I fixed the glass problem it looks like having a light very near the object was making wierd shadows that dint let the glass act properly.but im going kind of crazy im having this other wierd problem :S ill leave a screen and a blend!

i added a handle to the drawer and added a yellow material ,when i render it it comes out white :smiley: i flipped the normals everything looks correct but it comes out white :L

the textures wont probably work on the blend because i dont know how to pack them on 2.5 :wink:


smalltable.blend (654 KB)

im playing with it a lil bit and it look like the lights are very hard so it makes the objects look white, but its wierd because if i lower the lights the table starts to look very dark ,even tho the floor looks better and the handle too,confused…

( im using point lights )


I did a lot of editing to your scene, take a look at what I did with the lights, your glass and the top part of your table, also i turned on AO and environment lighting for realism, for you BG pick a hdr image or a backdrop not just a box it sits in :slight_smile: hope this helps!smalltable.blend (636 KB)

Thanks im going to check that out and post something soon :slight_smile:

I think the issue comes from the fact, like said earlier, that you are using a white BG. There is nothing in the scene to “break up” the reflections so they are uniform, If you were to use an image map for the BG and render again just for the heck of it, you would probably see that the white areas will reflect the new background instead confirming this problem.

Its true, i definitely need to add objects or BG picture to the scene :wink: