Wooden Android

here is an image i have been working on with the new cycles render engine

EDIT: i have recently updated the image. i have added a little bit of DOF and changed the look on the hammer.

tell me what you think. don’t hold back i can take it.

Love it. You might want to add just a touch of DOF. Also, the hammer looks a little to cartoony and doesn’t seem to fit (for me)

Nice image! Looking good but I’d make sure hammer’s handle texture is straight and doesn’t end up curvy as it is now. Imagine cutting the handle out of a branch so all wood veins are staight:


Tool with red handle needs a subsurf cos it looks a bit low poly right now.

I love the concept, and the overall image.
I think just changing the color of the wood on the hammer would help a lot. At first glance it doesn’t stand out as a tool. It looks like a piece of scrap wood until your eyes move to the top of the image.

the head of the hammer is to short and the handle is not thick enough it looks like it could break.

Why you stopped? there is one alive yet !!

It is a fun light subject. Nice idea.

Funny, people keep talking about the hummer. Hummer do occupy good portion of the image you know. It is a composition problem. In a way PeturPetur felt that too and throw it out of focus. But that didn’t quite do the job. Reduce color saturation of tools may help. Or, put desk lamp light on Android and making background darker. Any thing to focus the attention to Android more should help. Not the hammer this and that.

Maybe its just me but I feel like the android’s texture looks like a wood floor rather than something carved out of wood. Anyone else seeing this?

no, i think that it seems to fit, some wooden carved things do look like that… the thing i find strange is the fact that one arm of the android seems to be larger than the other. Is that the case or is it just perspective?

its just the perspective

I would change the texture on either the hammer or android because it looks pretty obvious that they are the same, because they are even pointing in the same direction. Play a bit with the colors in GImp/Photoshop.
But otherwise great image.