Wooden Chair

Hello im trying to make a wooden chair, im kinda new to blender rendering!

i tried to make it look as real as possible but now im stuck,:S

if you guys give tips and comment it will be appriciate it :smiley:


first thing: turn on shadows. right now it looks like its floating, not good. a little bit of softening on the shadows will also do (set samples to ~8 and tweak the soft size setting).

then add a less powerful light elsewhere in the scene to fill in the dark spots. there is no need for shadows on that one. maybe you can even tint that light just a tiny bit. maybe even two lights if you feel the need.

and also turn on ambient occlusion. a factor of 0.25 - 0.50 usually produces believable results, higher values can sometimes be too conspicuous.

edit: the description here is how to make a lighting rig from scratch, i forgot to mention that initially

Okey i turned occlusion on, i ahd it off because it was making my rander take longer, okey thats on now…, im trying to add the shadows its driving me crazy, i saw a tut that says SHADOW ON! under shadow tab but Thats not on my options :S

what version of blender are you using? in 2.57, go to the light’s settings and click “raytrace”

Okey got everything done its looking way better ! :slight_smile:

What alse do you think i should add

Ill try to play around with the gloss it lloks kinda fake :wink:

is there anything to make the wood look some more realistic

NOTE: the first picture is´s tweaked a lil bit :slight_smile:


i suppose you can move the primary light away from the chair a bit, it seems too bright and the shadows are a bit quirky (they get larger as you move away from the chair). can you upload a screenshot of your setup and document all your settings? that would make things easier.

Well the Textures are UV mapped, it has 1.000 of normal, tiny bit of reflectivty 0.041 some specular 0.049

then the chair pillow has gloss reflectivity of 0.025 specular of 0.279

Theres like 4 lights around the chair im trying to figure out wich type of light to use, with one is the best for these type of things?

or just any?

plus im havinga hardtime illuminating the bottom part of the chair, the foot´s are looking very dark :s

omni-lights placed far away from the subject usually work just fine. what i usually do is i start with a single light, far away from the subject with intensity of ~16. then i look for spots that seem unnaturally dark and use more, less powerful lights closer to the subject to fill those spots in. With a model as simple as this, two lights should be just fine.

as for the bottom part, it looks like its the texture itself, not the lighting as much.

Ok thanks its looking better check this out,

The chair pillow its way better now but the tangent shading its looking kind of wierd , how should i fix this i been tweaking it around but i still get a wavelike tangent shade

and yeah i will try to do something cool with the omni´s ill post it when i can :wink:


something isnt right, most of the image is missing…

its because i jsut rendered the chair´s pillow so you cant see the problñem with the tangent shadows :smiley:

okay umm sorry but to be honest i dont know much about tangent shading =( i dunno maybe you have some weird mapping settings or something? thats my best educated guess.

Okey dont worry im going to try to fix some stuff and then ill upload for you to see xp

as you can see on the attached picture the tangents are wierd looking i need tog et a more natural tanget but i dont know how to control them properly if anyone has some tips for me it will be appriciated :smiley:


I can see why you think the tangents are weird looking… :slight_smile: However, other than that, it looks pretty nice. If you want it slightly more rounded, you could try applying one level of subsurf, or slightly beveling the edges, esp on the legs. But, overall, it’s really good… :smiley:

tHNKA HEHE Yeah the legs look kinda dark and unreal just need to find the tangent problem and some moe lightning and done, i guess ill try to subsurf it a lilbit :smiley: