Wooden models

Hi! This is my first post here and my second work in Blender.
This is a finished Tyrannosaurus
And here is my next Dinosaur :slight_smile: Model is finished, but lighting and materials not yet! Comment pls :slight_smile: Regards from Poland. (sorry for my english, hehe)

very nice. I also just joined

Dude, I used to have the physical version of those like 15 years ago and didn’t even remember :D.

the model is okay, i am looking forward to u challenging yourself a bit harder. try something ambitious.


I add materials. What do you think about them?Which of these materials is better?
Thanks for comments.

Great models!.. good idea!

This is my next wooden model. I think last. Comment pls :slight_smile:

Dude, do you make these pieces separate and put them together? lol, they’re very nice, especially the last one with the AO.

Yes, I make first separate pieces and after that put them together.

awesome. kool idea!

Very Nice use of Blender. Very good concept.

The bird one looks very cool, this must take a lot of patience.

This is looking very good.

I’d absolutely render this with Indigo, that would look awesome.

I started some of these as well last year. Here’s one that I rendered with Radium (unbiased renderer like Indigo, but in Java).

Did you model yours with curves?

Yes, I model it with bezier curves.
This is my last render in this series: models together.

How did you do your wood textures? Blender procedurals or image textures?

It’s really cool.

This is image texture.
Thx for comments.

Very cool stuff indeed.

If I had to crit anything it would be the last image’s composition, which could probably be improved. But modeling- and shading-wise this is very impressive.

This is Cool! I like this creative idea! Maybe you can move onto LEGO’s…