Wooden Tea Table 3d Model - Check it out

Hello artists,
I have created a 3d model of a wooden tea table using Blender 2.81. I have finished it and uploaded for sale. It is created with industry standard quality. Very clean topology is maintained, the objects are unwrapped with non-overlapping UVs. PBR textures are used with both bump and normal maps. All texture passes are taken in .EXR format and composited inside the blender compositor with the final output in .PNG format. Rendered in Blender Cycles Engine. Please check it out
You can buy this 3d model in CGTrader using this link,

Thank You

Youtube Demo…

Nice but please edit the title of this post. I kept reading it as TEET-able (like doable or flammable), wondering “what the hell does Teatable mean?”, until I saw the picture!

oh…thank you very much for pointing out…