Woodland Tea

As some people may have seen, I put this in the finished section. However, someone game me some critique, so clearly it’s no done. I’ve tried to improve on it some, but it still has some to be improved on.

Critique away.

And original if you haven’t seen it.

If you like it its done. Nobody knows what your going for, but I see the top of the trees reflection on the pot it looks like day the shadows do not like as if they match ( pot on table shadow more ). I do not know why but looks like the cup needs to be tipped back and to the right. Something about the table colors, Is it wood ? A second curve on the spoon handle maybe ( Its just what Im used to seeing ) .The cup looks great, looks more real then the one I’m using now. I like it good job.

Thanks. The only problem I have with the shadows is that I’m using enviornment lighting. therefor the scene is just kind of automatically light all around. Also, can you elaborate what you mean by a second bend in the spoon? Also, what do people think of the birch leaves?


I like the mats and reflection of the teapot and cup, however the texture of the table is what puts me off. I recommend adding some additional detail, maybe creating it out of multiple planks? it looks like it’s made out of a solid piece.

if you look at these, you see, it’s made of multiple planks.

also I don’t like the texture that much, the grooves are too blackish and too obvious mapped in my opinion.

Hope this helped, good luck!

Nice job although a few things niggle:

  • Spoon shape appears odd
  • The saucer looks too small compared to the cup
  • Like someone else said, make your table out of multiple planks, outdoor tables tend to have gaps between the planks to let moisture drain
  • The hot teapot could damage the table, put it on a mat

I think the leaves look great.

Tried a quick try at the table texture and a few other things. I can’t think of a good way to actually model it accordingly with the texture.

Much better looking table. I think adjusting the texture so the grove runs under the handle of the snoop enstead of under the cup of the spoon whould look better.

The tea bot looks like a blob of melted solder than fell off a iron… I think adjusting the top of the spout to be more curving would help but I think the main problem with it is the base. It needs legs or a bottom rim to stableize it. You said you can’t figure out a way to get the pot to do Ambient occlusion on the table? If so I would suggest change the pot so it has a sharper turn to the table.

Please clarify what you mean with the purple lines in circles.

I think he means that you should move the board further back.

Turn down the reflections on the tea pot, at the moment its over powering the rest of trh image.