Woolly mammoth

I know, I’ve already posted about this in News&Discussion, but i wanted to share a few more shots of the mammoth with you, that I’ve created for my latest tutorial (http://www.cmivfx.com/Blender3D_Training_Tutorials/shading_and_fur/default.aspx):

I find that Blender has some pretty damn good tools to comb and shade fur. Well, they are not really self-explanatory, but still, they are very powerful and can make your characters and creatures so much more realistical! :yes:


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Nice, very realistic work. I’m going to give some of these tutorials a go, they look very useful.

fur par excellence!!! Great work man!!! Again a great example of what blender is able to do!

Looks cool.

Wow very realistic!

Excellent work,amazing realism, makes me want to model something hairy…

nice furry guy…the fur along the spine…esp. the shoulders…looks like someone brushed him …too much.

Awesome!! I think you need to add a bumpmap/increase the normality if one exists on the tusks.

Thanks Sebastian,

I also wanted to buy your tutorial set from the website cmivfx (3Dworld has a voucher giving 20% off). But unfortunately I can’t get the video tutorials to play under firefox. I don’t have ie, since I’m using Linux. And furthermore you can’t save them to disc, which means that you have to download them again and again if you want to watch them, which is not practicable for me as I would like to watch them when I have time and not necessarily an internet connection at hand. If you plan to offer training videos for download / on dvd, I am more than happy to pay for them. I think you are a very good modeler (from what I can see from the insect modelling tutorial you posted on VIMEO).



great work, very realistic
if you made the fur darker and redder with some variation it would look better :slight_smile:

Awesome mamoth. I just saw parts of Ice Age 2 last night too. Your mamoth looks very much on par with theirs. I’ll definitely give your tutorails a look-see.

Wow, great attention to detail. I love the style and the fur is perfect. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!!
i really spend a lot time tweaking the hair and the materials, so i really appreciate it if you think it looks good! :slight_smile:
@pop850: redder? you must have looked too much ice-age… :wink:
@asano: that’s what i call a compliment! thanks!
when i was watching ice-age3 some weeks ago, the one thing i was thinking over and over again was that this delicious hairyness must be possible in blender. and it definitly is. if i only had a better computer to calculate the softbody-simualtion for all these hairs!! :slight_smile:

Great JOb!

im honestly floored at how good that mammoth looks… wonderful level of polish. brilliant work
small note of dismay though, that chromatic aberation filter keeps turning up in otherwise awesome finished work and is being to seem to me like a lens flare filter in photoshop or a starwipe effect in aftereffects…

Banner art please! One of the best usages of the fur system in a character that i’ve seen.

This is amazing and shows that blender is fully capable of doing almost anything.

Unbelievable. I feel like I want to be your fan, texture and fur looks perfect.

Looks great! I think I can smell him through the screen, LOL.

That is a NASTY looking coat of hair…and it’s absolutelly PERFECT.

Can’t wait to check out the tute.

Thanks, Sebastian.