Work faster - Create your own Blender - sales coming on 4th of April


(Eric Klein) #61


I just purchase your course and wanted to test your builds, but they don’t support Nvidia RTX. Could you provided the builds with support for Nvidia RTX? I only have an Nvidia rtx 2070. Thanks.

(mathieu) #62

Fixed, it’s available now :slight_smile:

(Eric Klein) #63

Thanks for the RTX build using RTX 2070.
Improvements compare to latest 2.80:
BMW from 87s to 44s.
Classroom from 274s to 203s
In another interior test I got a 2x improvement.

Do you think is possible add the scrambling distance and dithered sobol patches for even faster improvements?

(mathieu) #64

I added the dithered sobol patch several time (last time was for 2 days), but didn’t see any improvement in normal scenes, just a different noise pattern, Brecht made the same conclusion. I find the cycles UI already cluttered, so I only add what I really find beneficial (my criteria are >10% speedup or visible noise reduction in real use case). But if you have a scene that shows a real benefit with it, I can add it.
Regarding scrambling, it’s already explained in the course how to add the version Lukas Stockner made. We will see how to make a better version in chapter 5. This better version is already in the build and accounts for about 20% of the whole speedup you see.
For a dithered sobol scene, you can send a link per mail or pm with some screenshots with and without it (real use case scene, lossless compressed images and without scrambling distance to see the effect of dithered sobol alone)

As a bonus to every student, I added the updated diff, which can apply on latest master (2.8) on the product page if you want. So you can play with it and make your own opinion or even promote it to be included in the build.

(Daniel Paul) #65

Thank you so much for doing such a tutorial!!!

Im wondering, why is the new cuda/cycles patches not implemented by the dev’s?

(Daniel Paul) #66

Would you like to do a win64x build for me? I would like to test the improvement on our gpu renderfarm :slight_smile:

(cgstrive) #67

Thank you bliblubli, there was definetly a void in getting started. Experienced developers read existing code like encyclopedia, for beginners it’s hair loss for a few weeks.

If you’d like some ideas, I have written down as todo for myself. Perhaps any of these could increase interest:


  • Triangulate/Decimate - Quadtriangulate (tris to quads operator). Can be very useful after booleans
  • Solidify could have Inset like option (tapering with extrusion):
  • Solidify could also have only OUTPUT RIM:
  • Solidify with Profile.
  • Remesh modifier using openVDB making it possible to get bevels angles after boolean. Without openvdb very slow, bad smoothing. Very powerful workflow: (quick example)
  • Boolean weight groups so Bevel post Boolean could be applied for that particular boolean. I dont know who posted that gif (probably Cedric):
  • Enhanced Array modifier with Random option (variance in rotation, offset etc). Perhaps Circular option
  • PolyCap modifier (fill holes)
  • Shrinkwrap could steal surface normals (to verts). Example:


  • Thickened Curve ignores these UV parameters completely(in 2.79 at least): .It should make it possible to Tile any texture (e.g rope) on curve
  • Text object could come with UV

I’ll check it out as soon as I can. Thanks for making the tutorial and good luck with it!

(mathieu) #68

Thanks for the suggestions,
I’ll have a look what can be implemented by students and add some to the course.

(mathieu) #69

See my answer here Learn to create your own Blender, with new modifiers and faster rendering

(mathieu) #70

You have a render farm so I guess 9,99€/month for a ready to use build is good?
You are sure it’s free of adware. People building it for free can add stuff for their goals. With this, you get a clean and regularly updated product.

(Daniel Paul) #71

:smiley: i did not know that there is a build. Thx!

So am i able to do this build by myself after watching your tutorial?

(mathieu) #72

Your welcome and yes, the part about Cycles is coming in the next weeks.

(Frank) #73

Hi could you please re-add the option to download all as zip? thank you. :slight_smile:

(Eric Klein) #74


Dithered sobol will have noticeable less noise when use with lower value scrambling distance. The lower the scambling distance the less noise dithered sobol has compare to standard sobol.

The second benefit is the denoiser will need less samples to produce a cleaner image. The dithered sobol pattern allows the denoiser to work better and reduce the amount of noise compare to standard sobol. See this linked with images and video Dithered Sobol.

(mathieu) #75

ok, I can see a benefit indeed at very low sample and combined with SD. So, I’ll add it to the course build.

(LAKA Network) #76

Creating your own blender, wow, thats amazing! I have an in-house application template called Magic Animation System version 2.0 and with this course i can expand Magic into a complete software powered by Blender known as Magic 2.1 Animation System. as part of my idea for this my version will probably have the tools as Blender and Cinema4D and 4 rendering options like Cycles, EEVEE, Internal and Pixar’s RenderMan. with an exchange of CPU & GPU rendering along with realtime in all 4 renderings. but anyways this is a great idea to have people create their own blender. im impressed :smile:

(mathieu) #77

hmmm, it’s something managed by Gumroad it seems. I guess over a data size, they don’t propose it anymore. The course has grown a lot this week… I’ll have a look if I can upload a big zip myself.

(mathieu) #78

I’m happy if it can help you streamline your workflow, I spare huge amounts of time with my custom version.

The rest of chapter 4 will also arrive soon. I modified the order a bit to adapt to your feedback. You will learn how to update your version of Blender with your patches on top efficiently. You can then always stay on the bleeding edge :slight_smile:

As a bonus, coming this WE for students who asked during beta:

  • Create a customized Cycles UI
  • Adding data layers like crease or bevel weight to existing and new modifiers. Allows the modified geometry to get a bevel after boolean and much more.

(Lumpengnom) #79

Since this is a Beta I guess we are supposed to give feedback. Where and how should that be done?

(mathieu) #80

Feedback is indeed welcome. You can send an email or a pm, as you wish :slight_smile: