Work in progress and i need some feedback


The scene looks promising, in general the image is pleasing to the eye.
I can see a few problems.
There are some distracting circular reflections in the window.
The marble surface in the cutting board area seems to have some sot of normals problem (there are strange darkened corners).
The knives hanging on the wall look weird, it looks like the blades are «dripping» down, they could also have a better metallic looking material.
The semi transparent faces on the cupboards have a bump texture that looks a bit off.
For the composition, the eye is drawn immediately to the oven and chicken, which does not look right and is very blurred. The top half of the cooker looks good but not the door, handle and chicken.

I liked the image from a distance but not looking close.

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i have been trying to get rid of this circular in the window put nothing in the light paths is fixing it

It looks like it has something to do with fresnel values, sometimes lights will reflect like that with certain values, if you are using a fresnel node try changing values.

i change the light and the exposure


It’s really good and, to be honest, I am not qualified to critique it.

My eye goes to the coffee maker… something is off there. It’s like it’s missing a reflection/shadow. Next I get distracted by the knives, which also look wrong somehow - too dull and not metallic enough?. Finally the view out the window looks too blurry. The wall of the other building looks like it would be quite close, but it’s way too blurry for something a few meters away.

Have you tried adding smudges, fingerprints and other surface imperfections to the surface tops and the glass? Adding those with a really subtle effect will help with the realism.

to be fair i still didn’t touch the window this wall is from the hdri
for the coffee maker i know something is missing but i don’t know what

i tried to make it as realistic as possible but i feel like there is something missing