Work In Progress Fridge

What I work so far on my fridge, I make it unique like its own character, but i felt like i can do more.

Keep working it! Look at metallic textures, and also – especially – lighting.

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Sure will, thanks sundialvc4. I might also use PBR Or Procedural Textures. Also researching more good lighting techniques. :+1:

I kindly suggest that you now “place lights,” also paying attention to the type of lights which can “basically-illuminate a particular area in a great big hurry” versus those which offer “lighting details.”

Your first objective, in lighting any scene at all, is to ensure that an adequate amount of light is available, anywhere it needs to be. (e.g. “global illumination.”) Then(!), you move on to placing the lights that “the viewer will actually notice.” (If you will, "the lighting that will make this refrigerator look sexy!") :slight_smile:

(Yes, in advertising photography, “sexy” is actually very important.)

Also: you definitely need to think about “some kind of plausible background.” Think also about the color [temperature …] of your lights.

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yeah your right. that’s a nice idea of sexy “refrigerator” . I been looking at product rendering in blender artist and other sites and they sometimes have a spotlight background of some sort. been thinking of using that concept on making models on product presentation. However for this refrigerator its going to be part of an animation project. its going to be a virtual learning cooking type of animation, so I just build a few models and use premade assets to save as much time as possible and after that come up with the storyboard/ script process. Again Thank you so much on your advise sundialsvc4, I would like to hear more from you. :+1: :grinning: