Workflow idea for a custom GoPro chin mount

I have a NOX Charger helmet with a shape so unusual on the chin area that not even general-purpose chin mounts could fit so I decided to build my own.

I decided to make a 3d scan of my helmet chin area and then extrude the front portion, add a custom GoPro mount by blending it into my initial extrusion and also add 2 side rectangles for the straps as shown in the pictures below:

The straps should get around into those 2 air vents from the helmet’s chin as shown in this bicycle helmet GoPro mount system:

I have generated a 3d model of the helmet’s chin area using ~ 70 pictures and Zephyr and also Instant Meshes with a 33.25 K vertex count and 2 Smooth Iterations that resulted in this 3d model that I have uploaded here:

Now using Blender, I have selected the area I was mainly interested in and extruded a little bit so I ended with this object:

That has been uploaded here:

I’ve imported this GoPro mount and I’m going to merge those two by using the Sculpt Mode. Finally and hopefully I will also add the straps holders and my project will be complete.

I’m pretty much stuck now as I don’t really know how exactly should I combine my helmet extrusion with the gopro mount and the rectangular strap holes (ears) and I’m also struggling with making this whole object match the real-life dimensions so I ask you for improvements on this workflow.

Also, do you know anyone else that made and documented such a journey?

Not sure if the scale is correct or how the GoPro actually gets attached but I was looking at the helmet and thinking if you add tabs that are tight into the air vents then you snap the other tabs under the helmet edge, that might be a possible solution. Didn’t have much time but this was what I was thinking…or you can try to drill/screw the device into your helmet??

Hopefully it can give you some ideas. Good luck.

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I just love how you managed to just pop up with this design but in this case, it has some downsides The first is that I wouldn’t trust my GoPro attached just with some tabs into the vents and I would rather prefer them strapped tight through the vents as in my initial design. This is a dirtbike helmet and there is a lot of helmet/head movement and even for a street bike, the wind force could get really strong at higher speeds, and hitting something while losing the camera could be really dangerous (not to mention the camera loss)

Drilling things in and out of the helmet is not an option from start. You don’t mess with your safety device.

As I said before, I find it really interesting how you managed to “merge” the GoPro mount with the tabs. Do you have/know a tutorial explaining this process?

LOL. Thanks but it was just a quick idea and don’t really know the specifics that you stated. With all the shaking and rattling going on, you’d definitely need something solid and tight to the helmet. Only thing I can think of is having straps on the two sides just past the vent holes that wrap around the front of the helmet and the somehow connect that mount to those straps but use the front to help provide support so it’s snug against that protruding front part under the vent holes. Excuse the terrible sketch. Also, no tutorial but just the basics of bridging same number of polys from one mesh to the other. I wish you the best and hope to see your creation on Amazon one day!! G