Workflow test: Blender+Houdini

Was testing a lot of things simultaneously here: Blender stylized chars, mechanical face rigs, water/ocean/grains FX in Houdini, Mantra rendering and the pipeline Blender-Houdini as a whole:

Modelling, rigging and character animation done in Blender.
All the rest is Houdini 16.5.
Has a couple of glitches though which cause flickering at several points, one due to a bug I wired into the sand material shader, and another one causing sand grains to change position every frame. Unfortunately those frames take their time to render, so I decided to go with them for now, maybe I’ll re-render as soon as I have more compute power around. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I feel Blender and Houdini team up nicely.


Great !!! :+1:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am also making character in blender and i have made my material procedural and half of with texture map… so i think houdini will not recognize this material… so is there any workflow to keep both material and simulation(from houdini) without losing any of it…

Not that I know of.

As long as you stick to (baked) image textures plugged into PrincipledShader color channels only import/export should work both ways.
Everything procedural basically needs full shader rewrites.

This may change once Blender supports MaterialX.