Working axe, sort of :(

Ok, got the stinking thing to throw, but it only throws in x direction, any suggestion ? Heres the file

maybe it is me but nothing happens :frowning:
just a nice wall and ground

Did you press p to start the game ? Also make sure the camera is selected and press the control key to throw.

It’s only throwing in the x direction because you only told it to throw in the x direction. If you want it to go upwards and fall down, you need to set the Axe object to be Dynamic and either set the Empty’s Add Object Actuator’s initial z velocity to something greater than 0 or rotate the Empty upwards.

But here’s what I advise you to do first: Alt-R your Empty, Ctrl-A your Axe, and set your Axe’s dRotx to 0.04 (and set dRotz to 0); this will make all of your axes (no pun intended ;)) so much easier to work with and will prevent confusion in the future.

Hope this answered your question.

Did I say X I ment Y, this one doesn’t really show the problem, this one shows it much clearer

But I fix the location like you told me to.

Ohhh, okay. I see the problem now. Select the Empty and select the box that says L in the Edit Object Actuator to make the initial velocity Local.

Kick Ass ! Can’t believe it’s that easy. Is adding a second item just as easy ?

You mean have it add two objects when you press Ctrl? If so, just repeat the things you did for the first axe. Or you could make the axe be the parent of an object and the child will be added along with the parent.

I mean a different item thrown when I press a different key.

You just set it up the exact same way you have the logic bricks for throwing the axe:

Keyboard (some other key) — Expression (whatever) — Add Object (some other object in the second layer)

I did that, but nothing appears, does it need it’s own empty, can’t be the same ?