working in tape op is like being in a submarine

man your post.

don’t screw up.

the hours suck.

The only thing that stands between you and watery doom is 2 basics left and a bunch of dials.

some thoughts on working tape op. oh, and also, not sure how this is like a submarine, but everybody has to do jobs that suck for money some time in their lives. hopefully. the true grit of a man shows in the trenches. or something

What’s “tape op”? You mean switching backup tapes for data servers, or what?

on an unrelated note I really want to photoshop the ridiculous ads above and below this post and then insert them into the post. will someone else do it? I’m lazy.

I should have explained. tape op is making dubs at a post-fx and graphics place, also routing the AV between editing stations and some dvd authoring and odd engineering shit.

u bring back memories my man. Used to work for EDS decades ago. I remember fighting hard for roller skates just to make it fun. But Mgt said NO because it would be too radical and we were being phased out for a robot.

Even earlier than that, I remember when was learning FORTRAN in 1979 and you had to issue Mount and Dismount commands before running the program, and we were testing like CRAZY. So the third day we get this call from the poor Tape guy who nicely explained that our tape was getting worn out because of all the mounts and dismounts he had to do, and would we PLEASE STOP and he would dedicate a tape drive just to us. Kinda funny how you can just be typing away on your coputer and not realize what you’re doing to the guy one floor down.