working on a game

I’m trying to release my first game, but first I have to add more things. I tried to make a health bar but every time I try to make one, it doens’t work. Does some know e tutorials for this or a resource? I’ll hope someone can help me.

health bar? i got one Saluk and others helped me to make.i can post a link so you can download it and take a look at it.let me upload it to my page. :smiley:

try this

here is a link: take a look and see if it helps you.:smiley:

I got a really quick and simple blend file for you:


Thanks guys, i’m trying to figure out how to make that bar. Today I was also figuring out how to look around with the mouse. I have got 2 questions, how to make a look around with the mouse, and second, how to look around with the mouse and when you move the mouse, the person in 3th person view will move his head to. I saw that ik a demo of peter with a jetpack character in 3th person view.