Working out the size/scale of my object.

Hi, I’m Simon and I’m new to this forum and blender (only been using it for a couple of weeks).

I’ve started to make a model and would like to get it 3D printed in the future. The problem is I can’t seem to see anyway in blender that I can check how big the object is. Is there a way to check the size in blender? Also what size is the original cube when you open blender? If I know what size this is I can work out how big my model is.

To help I’ve uploaded a render of the model and the blender file itself. Also if anyone can measure the distance obetween the outside faces of the model where I have drawn the red arrow I’d be grateful.

Thanks Simon.


25 part base.blend (230 KB)


In the Mesh Tools More panel, in the Editing (F9) button window, you will find a handy button called Edge Length. Click it and you will see the lengths of the edges.

I created a temporary edge to measure the distance. It was: 2.003 in Local space, 8.643 in Global space.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.:slight_smile: I added a line and it was 2.003 What is the difference between local space and global space?

Also is the unit a blender unit? Do you just make the object to the dimentions you want and when you export to another program just tell the knew program that the blender unit is a cm or inch or whatever you want (if you see what I mean - not very good at explaining this :confused: )?


Blender units in 2.4x are not explicitly related to real world units. Physics calculations are carried out on the assumption that 1 BU (Blender unit) = 1 metre. I’m not sure what happens when you export an object to a different format. I imagine it would depend on the exporter.

Coordinates in Local space are relative to the object’s origin (the little pink dot). Coordinates in Global space are relative to the world’s origin. If you move, scale or rotate in Object Mode, you’re changing the position, scale and rotation of the object’s origin. This is very different from doing these operations in Edit Mode.