Working to get a painterly look with Eevee

I’m used to cycles and the intuitive way it behaves, but the render times were making my project impractical. Eevee needs a lot of workarounds to get a similar look, The render times are terrific. Hopefully it will become more intuitive with practice. Right now each set up is an experiment.


Well - that’s a fantastically surreal image with some nice atmospheric lighting…

One nice think about eevee is it makes volumetric lighting I E spotlights in fog possible (by which I mean possible with less than a 2 hour rendertime) which may suit your style quite well.

Setting up a scene with volumetric lighting is actually way more laggy with eevee on my machine, but when it comes to render times eevee is obviously much faster. Still, no matter what cycles just feels more “organic”.