Working with curves

While following the mine cart tutorial I was unable to create the rails using the curve tool as instructed. I applied a shape made out of one curve to another curve as a BevOB as shown in the tutorial. However this did not produce the desired result and instead gave me a mess of polygons :frowning: .I have attached 2 pictures showing before and after I use the BevOB.
I am new to blender and have only been using it for a week so I am probably just making a noob mistake. Also Here is the link to the mine cart tutorial I was following.


Two things it might be:

  1. Which curve did you assign the bevob to? try switching them.

  2. Try scaling the bevob down.

Quick tut on bevob.

  1. Press 1 for front view.
  2. Add Curve Space>Add>Curve>Bezier.
  3. Press tab to go inside, then v for vector.
  4. Select the middle of the left curve point and E to extrude then z to constrain it and move it up a bit.
  5. Now press E then x and move it over so it is on top of the first curve point on the right.
  6. C to make it cyclic, and you should have a little box. Move it over to the left.
  7. Space>Add>Curve>Bezier and just scale it up a bit.
  8. Select the box curve we made, Hover over its name in the menu CTRL C to copy
  9. Select the new curve we made, go to edit menu and CTRL V to paste into bevob field.
  10. Now scale the box curve so it looks right. You may need to select it and in edit mode use the menu at the bottom left of the window Curve>Segments>switch direction.

Whatever you do, keep playing and Keep Blending! :cool:


curve.blend (122 KB)

I was able to duplicate your curve tutorial no problem. However i still could not get the mine cart one to work so I recreated my curves following your advise and now it works. I must of done something wrong the first time I created the curves.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: .

Glad I was able to! See you around.