working with curves

If I want to work with curves, adding points, extruding, lofting, choosing Nth points etc. , which scripts do I need and which folder do they need to be in? Can they be in either the addons or addons extra folders? Thanks

Are you a coder? You can work with curves right out the box. I’m sure there scripts that expand the abilities of the standard curves, but you can start working with curves the moment you download blender and start it up.

Can you tell me where I can find the add vertice tool? I am not a coder. I found a add point script but it will not load.Thanks

I found an add vertex script but I get the error: Source File is in the addon search path ‘C:\…scripts\addons’ I am taking this thread to the technical thread now.

Many of the tools that work with mesh modeling also work with curves. Extrude will add another control point to a curve. Subdivide will add a new control point to a segment, checker deselect works to ‘select’ every nth point, etc. Add a bezier curve to an empty scene and check out the tools available in the tool shelf and in the curve and select menus on the header.