Working With Human

I’ve used Make Human 180 several times in the past, but i’ve always had this problem that i just haven’t been able to get past.

There are two problems actually, so i’ll present them one at a time. The first is the fact that once i rig my human and get ready to put him back in the original pose, well, it always looks disfigured. I’ve tweaked it here and there, but i just can’t get it right. His leg is a little too twisted, something another. Is there anyone out there who knows what i need to rotate or whatever to get it to look like the original pose?

The second problem is a bit more difficult to figure out. Once i’ve fully rigged and developed my human, i was wanting to be able to mix shapekeys and the MH script together, whereas i’ll be able to make the base shapekey be just a basic human, then go in the script for each and every adjustment possible (making each and every one a separate shapekey), so that then i could go through and use those shapekeys to make my human, without requiring a script, but also allowing me to make morphs and such in the snap of a finger and apply it directly with my animation.

The problem: once i use a shapekey, the script no longer works, so i can’t make any shapekeys with any of the adjustments. Any ideas around this?

God Bless and In Him,

Eric Wright

The one on the left is what i want it to look like, the one on the right is what it looks like right now (i simply duplicated it before i rigged it).