Working with patches

i’m modeling a chair and i need a suggestion about doing this (the wooden part)
i’ve started reproducting the shape with a Bezier Circle, now i’d like to model the profile
that is curved.
Is a way to model a Bezier curve of the top profile and extrude it among the first shape ?
Or another way using curves? :expressionless:
Thank you

sorry, i’ve found a little button in the curve options named “3D” :expressionless: now i can make the curve better also in the third axis :slight_smile:

Welll you can extrude the curve. In the edit buttons there’s Ext1 and Ext2. Ext1 makes it wider, Ext2 gives it a nice bevel. Play with those, they will make it look cool as heck.

Ermm, maybe you knew this already though :expressionless: