Working With Waveform Visual in Blender to Time Animations with Music

Hello Blender Artists!

I’ve been working so far in 2.65 by bringing in the music clip to the video sequence editor and turning on waveform view with another timeline open to time my keyframes but it’s a very small waveform with very compressed highs and lows so it’s difficult to see and get the timing correct.

Is there a way to have a waveform take up the entire vertical space, say, in the timeline view?

Any comments on your way of working with ‘timing’ to music in blender would be very much appreciated!

thanks, servo2000

I’d be interested in a way to animate accurately to a repetitive sound event, thus would be very interested in gaining more accuracy in the sound waveform view.

At present the sound waveform resolution is too poor to be useful.

Is it possible to accurately animate using sound in blender? If so how?

Along the left side of the VSE window there is a scalable scroll bar. You can increase the vertical size of the waveform there. If you are experiencing dropouts try using a 16bit mono wave. In my example I am using 24bit stereo