Worklfow between VSE, Compositing, Post Processing and Tracking


I have a workflow/pipeline problem for a little project (2-3 min for the final sequence).
I have a scene with some real footage (3 differents points of view and for each point of view 2 or 3 footage (sometimes end or middle are not good)).
So, I need to use VSE to cut some sequence, and mix all of this.

I also need to track video because I need to add an mechanical arm and some effect.
And of course do Compositing and PostProcessing.

I work with Blender 2.8, and I think we can’t make some link between VSE and 3D scenes.
So, what is better ? For each footage do tracking, compositing post process, and create video.
And from this video use VSE for the final ?
Or use VSE to create one sequence and do compositing post process and tracking on this video ?

I’m not a pro, and I think I would like to adjust some compositing or post process, or adjust some cut in VSE
So if I use one of the two solution, and choose to adjust a little part, I need to recalculate all of this.
Can I batch some process ? Or can I create some link between VSE and blender ? So if I adjust my video editing, I didn’t need to adjust all tracking, or if I want to adjust post processing or compositing I didn’t need to generate all footage but only what VSE use ?

Thanks a lot.

I would do one of the following…

  1. set up the shots you want to camera track, import your camera clip into the Video clip editor, set the start and end frames to cut out a part of the clip to use… then, when you’ve tracked, added your arm and comped these shots, bring them into the VSE and edit the shots that don’t need CGI around them.

  2. Edit your clips in the VSE to see how they edit together, and then render out the sections that need comping as image sequences… load them into the movie clip editor, set up scenes, etc, render out and drop them back into your edit.