Workshop Misery (BG contest WIP)

For the Blender guru contest. here are two test images, the first is the pure render, second is colour balanced to make it look more like winter. I would like to know your opinion.
Remember this is NOT my final entry. And please don’t copy and paste as your own because I spent a long time doing this.

Interesting composition. It’s a bit empty still and the figures are a bit stiff. Lets see when some more life gets into the scene.

Sorry for the questions, but why should somebody post an image that was not made by himself? I guess that would be a bit to abvious.


i was just worried that someone would just pretend they made it. Not as if anyone would want it hehehe.
What would you recommend for the characters? i was going to have them sawing wood but i can’t make them interact with the tables too much because they are rendered seperately. I have updated Santa to have a whip in his hand, as he is a cruel slave owning businessman…

also which one do you prefer?

I’d go for the second one. The skay and snow is more appealing. The chains are a bit blueish, what do you think? I would take out a bit of the reflection, as these chains actually would be in “use” all the time, so the’re not brand new anymore.

Hard to say which kind of action those guys should do. Sawing would makes sense due to the wood on the table :slight_smile:

yes the chains being rusted makes sense, but i still want the viewer to notice them…