Workspaces - Earlier Blender Files in 2.8x

I’ve come to rely on the 2.8x workspaces setup for my workflow, but when I open earlier Blender files the workspaces setup is drastically different – especially odd since workspaces didn’t exist when these files were created. Is there a simple way to open an earlier blend file in 2.8x while keeping the 2.8x workspaces setup? I’ve tried appending, but that a pain when there’s a lot of stuff (selecting all the folders and trying to append them doesn’t work).

Turn off the damn “Load UI” thing.

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Hi, if you open a file disable “Load UI”, it is also in User Preferences “Save&Load” for global setup.
2.81 it is hidden in “Options”
Cheers, mib


Yep, that did it – thanks!