Workstation for power users

This is basicly a by product of my MacGyver pic. Based on old IBM 5120 computer.

Rendered and modelled in Blender, post pro in photoshop.


Sweeeeeeet! Great modelling man you got talent :smiley:

It’s funny in various episodes you see Mac using a computer (pardon the pun) and he can’t touch type lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks from the comment, robo3Dguy.

Is that the killer app I’m seeing on the mac’s screen? :wink:
Other wise pretty damn well done! Check out other renderers as well for interiors but you’re doing very well with the internal as well :slight_smile:

Killer machines need killer apps… how else would they do the killing?

I’ve actually installed pixe and aqsis, but I still need to fiddle with them some more, as I haven’t had the time really get into them. I’ve only done some little test renders of basic cube with them.

I decided to give this a little nudge.

theres a little to much contrast, the shadows are to deep i think. what sort of lighting are you using? that computer is just older than the oldest computer can remember us having as kids…

The contrast was intentonally done in postpro. There’s a very simple light setup in the scene, a couple of spotslights and some low energy AO.

that looks really good, the “golden age” of computing :wink:

I do remember the floppy days where I first learned programming heh.

Very nice work, I like the “romantic” feel of it.

Also, the click-clack thing is great heh, also I like the 5 inch floppies, they seem HUGE :slight_smile:

Yep, definitely looks nice :D. I really liked this thing with the metal balls!

Thanks guys. I added a pic of those balls and floppies in the first post.