Hello all,
I recently obtained a IBM server, a Intellistation M Pro 6850-67U. I was wondering how you guys this will work with blender, the main thing that bothers me is the slow mesh handling. I am used to faster programs, such as Rhino, which uses nurbs curves.
This thing has:
2x xeon processors. I do not know what kind for sure, but each is probably 2.4ghz.
4x 256mb RAM modules. RAM for this machine is very expensive, I am not too sure why, but I think it is faster, it uses RDRAM. The PC accomodates 4 sets of pais (it is dual channel)
18.2GB 10,000RPM SCSI (scuzzy) hard drive. These are expensive too. The machine ca accomodate 6 internal drives, and 6 more externally.
1x NVIDIA Quadro4 900 XGL graphics card

A review is here:

I am thinking this will be good as it is for 3D, but it is old.

Any help apreciated.