World background question - Can i use background without light falloff?

*(In cycle)

Q.1 I just want to use this texture background but i dun want it to illuminate the cube.
Am i able to do that? I just want the brightness of the cube stay the same even after insert the background (Not only the light, i dun want the colour of the background affecting any object as well,
anyway to do that?)

Q. 2 As u can c, the texture is not mapped correctly, it split into half and make an bad edges there.
HOw can i fix this?

Thank you very much:)


Under ‘ray visibility’ uncheck ‘glossy’ and ‘diffuse’.
You can rotate the bg texture by going to the world node editor and setting it up like the pic below and
changing the x rotation degrees.

OMG. Thank you so much!!! XD sincerely in my heart thanks~:) This stupid background
trouble me a lot:)