World Blender Meetup Day - Los Angeles, Stamford & Portland!

Hi everyone! David from Theory Animation here. Some wonderful people have gotten together to host a World Meetup. We have already had Australia and Austria present. Next up are Los Angeles, Stamford and Portland.

Zoom Video Feed (Better Quality)
For some of our friends in Europe and Asia, YouTube is not allowed to broadcast there. You can use this stream to watch. The feed is right from the presenters so the quality is much better too:


Info and Main Website:


On Twitter:

On IRC:Use IRC channel #wbmd2014 to chat during the event - and now also already!

Thank you to all of the participants!‚Äč
Amsterdam Meetup Group - Amsterdam, Holland
Gdansk Meetup Group - Gdansk, Poland
Los Angeles Meetup Group - Los Angeles, USA
Melbourne Blender Society - Melbourne, Australia
BUG de Paris - Paris, France
Perth Meetup Group - Perth, Australia
Phoenix Meetup Group - Phoenix, USA
BlenderPDX - Portland, USA
Reno Meetup Group - Reno, USA
Seabug - Seattle, USA
Viennese Blend - Vienna, Austria
Fairfield County Meetup Group - Stamford (Fairfield), USA

Los Angeles is now live! :slight_smile:

Portland is now live :slight_smile: