World Blender Meetup Day Viewing Party

Wouldn’t it be nice for World Blender Meetup Day to actually have a live in person fully interactive audience instead of just a video stream?
Well today it finally will in VR!

@JTa and I have setup a viewing party room in virtual reality to gather together interactively in real-time and watch the beginning session and ending session of WBMD.

Join us Friday night @ 11pm ET/8pm PT/03:00 UTC and then again Saturday afternoon 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT/22:30 UTC to check out the room we’ve set up.
Here’s a link with more information: [ ]

Fun times!

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Love having avatars! Spatial audio is awesom too!

The World Blender Meetup Day Friday viewing party in VR was fun last night for the opening.
Next time @JTA and I will have the room open is today, Saturday afternoon 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT/21:30 UTC.
For more info: [ ]

Woot woot! More pictures! Our next party time is about to start!