World Cup

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Since it looks like Stefano is going to be busy for the next few weeks, I thought it would be proper to start a thread for all the football fans out there. The second round is always more exciting. No rules (other than those outlined by Kib)!

Schlops, you are going down on Friday! :smiley:

(malefico) #2

I already have my favourite team for the cup… SENEGAL !!!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I hope they do better than we did !

and don’t forget the all time classic football match… Japan VS Turkey !
Jesus, what a strange world cup…


BTW: nice girls. :wink:

(gargola) #3

2-0 against Mexico!!! yyyoohhhoooooooooo!!! I like Italy too but,my heart is with the US. :smiley:

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I especially liked the cheap shots at the end. :x

Italy has their hands full tomorrow against Korea.

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cheap shot? i couldn’t watch it completely…did i missed something?

ps: they are going to replay it on ESPN at 12:00 AM ET…well,in about 10 minutes. :smiley:

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i was watching the news and i couldn’t resist to post how bad losers are the mexicans…they where saying that US cheated,that the referee was (sold out???)against them,that US won cause it all was a politic matter…etc etc etc! blah!bullshit!they don’t know how to lose. :x

(Schlops) #7

Yeah! I’m going down! Down on my knees, shouting “HOOOORRRAAYYYY, SEMI-FINAL!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:
Ohh, and Senegal is now doomed, since malefico supports them :wink: It will be hard hard match against Turkey (another classic WC matchup)

Ever wondered what happend to Kid Tripod?? He is still dancing in front of his TV: (mpeg, ~ 3MB)

Now I’m going to watch Ita-Kor on TV, the defensiv artists against those quick lil’ Koreans.

(S68) #8

Italy-Korea 1-0

fingers are crossed


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BZZZZZZZZZZZ! I’m sorry, but our judges have deemed your answer to be incorrect!

You should have said something like this: “I will be down on my knees praying I can recoup all the money I just lost betting on those toothless, teutonic losers”. :x

Remember what the papers said about Germany when we beat you 3-0 in that friendly a year or two ago. It is going to be much worse this time. 8)

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Great match! Time for golden goal! Stefano, time for a sedative!

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Definately a conspiracy against Italy!

(Timothy) #13

YAY YAY YAY South Korea ROCKS!!! :slight_smile:

btw I like them because they were a underdog, and have a dutch coach :smiley:

(S68) #14


anyway we didn’t played excellently… more than one bad miss…


(Green) #15

north korea can kick south koreas ass any day

(Schlops) #16

I lost all my money, cause I put a bet on the final Argentina - Italy :frowning: D’Oh Sorry Stefano! Buffon was great! Maybe there will be 23 new guests at your wedding…

It was '99 in Jacksonville, 2 - 0 in Guadalajara the same year. I don’t care if it is going to be much worse this time. Why? To quote Gary Lineker: “Football is a game played by 11 men against 11 men, and in the end wins Germany”.
Paraguay was just the start!! We can play much worse than that 8)

BTW: How was the first round for Holland? Who’s there opponent in the quarter-final? SCNR :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just saw that Kid Tripod link. Hilarious!

Let’s hope he doesn’t have a boiler like that in real life. 8)

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By the way, for those of you who were wondering what a “boiler” is, here is a particularly bad example of the definition (beer gut).
An ass and a stomach! Wow! :o
Schlops, most Germans suffer from similar physical deformities don’t they? :smiley:

(gargola) #19

uuugghhhh! disgusting! :o LOL

(Schlops) #20

Boilers? We? No way!!!
Yeah, we have (well formed) asses and (well formed) stomachs, but in different places.
The german beer is so damn good, you have to drink it!
That pic is awfull! Remove it! I just can’t stop laughing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
If you’d modell such a thing in blender, nobody would believe you