World machine export to blender with multiple tile problem

why when I try to export World Machine into Blender following this video I get a 5x5 and have a space in the middle tile like this

how can I avoid this situation and make those exports only single tile?

Well… with your given info we might not see why you came into this situation… following a 2.7 tut with a 3.6.0 version of Blender and the actual is 3.6.5…
…not seeing any additional modidier nor yoy UV setup… :person_shrugging:

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thank you for the help I think I forgot to unwarp but I have one more question
why when I scale this to a very large like 4km doesn’t show the height it shows only a flat plane what should I get the height of this mountain? or any methods?

Best thing is to have a scale of 1.0… (in object mode)… if you want to make this bigger then scale in edit mode… then also the Strength option of the Displace modifier should “adapt”… but you may choose anything and not onlu 1.0… (do no tknow if WM “export” this in this way that it should be 1.0).

Again… not much…

… You have to play around a little bit and have to decide to you liking…

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