World Wide Web

Can we start a movement now to abbreviate “www” to just “web”. “www” takes three time longer to say than what it stands for (world wide web), so we need a universally recognised, and shorter abbreviation.

So the average person’s attention span is so short now that most descriptive terms are too long?

Even a puppy can focus on something for a longer period, this type of thing is what society gets when Facebook gives way to Twitter and TV gives way to Youtube which gives way to Vine. Good luck trying to do anything when everything requires at least a minimal amount of effort and energy.

You can try pronouncing it in different languages than english. That would give you enough work to do for the next couple of weeks.
You can start with: ‘VUVUVU’

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I like that. I live in Wales, perhaps dwbl u dwbl u dwbl u. nope, doesnt help



WWW: 90s cyberpunk network of interconnected machines accessed only by a few elite hackers.
WEB: For Tiktokers and Youtubers.

Just skip it. Because i’m here on :wink:

The slang I always heard was “dub dub dub.”

The Apple “World-Wide Developer’s Conference” (WWDC) was “dub dub dee cee.”

On a more serious note, when you realize that virtually all of the internet hinges on just a few points of failure, you could say this is the World’s Wobbly Web. A rogue state with a determined cyber army could outright blow away the entire digital age (so we go back to cable TV, landlines, letters, catalogs, CD-ROMS ordered by mail, no FOSS whatsoever, ect…)

How telling. I read your reply, then jumped on to BBC for the news, and found

You could just say: Wah-wah-wah. It may not be shorter, but it’s more fun. And if you’re in a complaining mood, you could make it sound like crying. The possibilities are endless.

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