Hey Blender people.

I’m here with a question to someone who may have an opinion about one thing
which popped into my mind recently.
The whole of the worlds land space is 1/3 and the rest of it is covered in water and depths of it.
Does anyone has any idea, what would happen if whole of the land space would get shifted
in islands of these green shapes?

And what effect could it apply to water and its flows if equator would get cleared
with some extra depth in it.
Would water get affected by the rotation of the planet and would shapes of islands
would force water to channel into the gaps between those islands while applying extra flows of water on the right sides of islands - i know for a fact that a lot more thinner sand would get grinded because of flow if it would happen just as for example if the bucket filled with water would start to spin, water would be barely be catching up with velocity of the buckets sides. To me it seems that the world has a potential of being shaped into a natural generator simply because there is a possibility that nobody has spotted or looked at the worlds potential from this kind of angle - at least myself - i’ve never read or seen this kind of thought discussed anywhere. I guess all of these islands could be shaped with lakes or hills as long as if they would be kept geologically equal and could be even with straight shore lines which would need to be maintained for the purpose of functionality. And what if all of those islands would get installed with huge pipelines which could channel waterflows from the poles back to the ends of the islands to release them into equator to keep up with those flows for set up generators on the right sides of the shores?!
I know this seem to be a crazy idea but, still I would like to read some opinions of others.

Thanks in advance.

You may wanna try out the tectonic plate movement by yourself ?

I think it would make more sense for the water to move from the poles to the equator due the centrifugal force. But even that wouldn’t work because there is no water input at the poles. So the force due to rotation and the water pressure would equalise resulting in no net flow.

By the way, this might sound insane but what if I told you humans had mastered this secret source of energy thousands of years ago? It can even be used to produce FREE ENERGY. Nowerdays it called “Hydroelectricity”

It’s funny how humans keep trying to make these pseudo “Free energy” devices when we are getting bombarded by millions of watts of “free” energy from the sun :wink:

One thing I leant from a documentary, that one very important factor that allowed life on the planet to evolve, was the formation of mountains and mountain ranges. This was something entirely new for me, I learnt for the first time.

One really important thing is that they cut down the wind speed. Otherwise the wind inertia would accumulate up to 500km in speed. After the wind is cut, next comes the property of the mountains to act as climate controllers. Allowing cold air flow from the top and push the hot air somewhere else, is like a natural air conditionair.