WORM HEAD - First animation

Hello everyone!
This is my first animated video. I just finished it after 7-8 months of work (can’t even remember when I started this exactly…)

It’s a kind of surreal type of video, hope you will like it!
Any suggestion for improvement is more than welcome.

I made this with Blender 2.79, because the pc I was using when I started could not handle 2.8


Funny, bizarre, and quite macabre :slight_smile: :+1:


Pretty sure David Lynch would be proud :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

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@synkrotron @SidewaysUpJoe Thank you both!
Hopefully the next one won’t take me 8 months :sweat_smile:

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This is absurd and I love it! Your shot composition is really good.

One thing I noticed is the grain is still throughout the shots, unless this was intentional. If you select the stopwatch next to seed under sampling>advanced it should animated every frame. Keep it up!

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Thank you very much!
The grain is intentional, but I had no idea you could animate it, I’ll keep it in mind the next time.

Amazing. Very good. Love it!

Thank you so much, Fred!

Hilarious! I love your dark humor.

Thank you, I’m glad you do!

I had watched this the other day - really nice, it kept me interested. Congratulations on finishing it. I like the sky. The head is very well modeled. I like the voices. At 1;37 that was a good camera effect.

You have a clipping issue at 1:54-1:56 which is fixed by adjusting the near clipping plane or moving the camera back and adjusting the focal length. Is there any color to the ground? I feel like you could use just a little without losing the grey effect. I think maybe the subtitle font could be different; it looks too normal for the video.

When Head falls he should have to roll to get back up and he falls quite suddenly. It is also quite sudden when Worm opens his mouth gigantically. He maybe opens too much. You prolly know you have a face shading issue at 1;57-2;00 (on Head’s bald head) but that can be hard to fix. You might try adding a subdivision modifier and just turning it on for that part. Or move the light just a little bit.

It looks like bloody Head rolls in from afar, instead of emerging from Worm. Worm’s expression at 2;35 is priceless! And again at 3;17. I think the mouth glow is a bit too strong, I might try reducing the wattage about 50%. The ending noise with the black screen is very nicely done too.

Overall, the sound is impressive. I knew how important sound was when I made my first short. Done good, mate!

Oh yeah, Depth of Field. I think Worm might even be out of focus on his first crawl in. And overall I think the DOF is too strong, if it is needed at all. The reason for this is the background isn’t distracting at all and there aren’t a lot of objects to make the viewer confused where to focus their attention.

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Hey Boder, thank you so much for the in depth analysis!

I agree with you on all of the issues, but honestly after working on this for 8 month I really wanted to put it out and move on to the next project. In the end I decided to let go of perfectionism and keep some of the smaller issues.
I’ll keep your suggestions in mind for the next one though!

As for the DOF, I watched The Outsider while making this, and they use DOF a lot in it, so I wanted to try and play with it, I may have overdone it :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for the tips and for the kind words, I apprecciate!

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