Worm on Site?


I don’t know if it’s on my computer or coming from the site or what.

hmm, your screen is looking at the forum threads list but the alert is for the “Testing the new SoC FluidSimulator - Screenshots & movie” thread. Did the alert refuse to show the thread? Effective technique. Avast! shows no alert when going to “Testing the new SoC FluidSimulator - Screenshots & movie” and it has been very good to date (over the last few years), even detecting junk that other systems missed.

You haven’t been perusing naked people warez sites at all have you?

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Gulp, when this page loaded I thought “what the heck? I’ve got a virus!” lol.

well, I’m telling you there is a worm on the forum…

take it as you will

I had another thought. Sometimes those sorry Google Ads will deliver an aberrant bit of code from malicious or compromised sites. Probably what you are detecting is the junk from that advertisement. When one of those show up Google will remove their presence for the duration. If you see another warning from blenderartists you’ll have a good reason to worry but until then we should be Ok.

I can assure you that BA does not have any sort of virus at all on the system. This is obviously something else causing this issue for you, as Marty_D pointed out above.


ok, if you say so, but this is the first worm theat I’ve ever had in about 8 months of having this computer

also, I ran into my first virus downloading someone’s blend that he posted on the forum

don’t worry, I’m not screaming that the sky is falling, I just wanted to let you know how rare of an occuranc it is. and your right it showed up once and didn’t show up again

This site doesn’t host any .blend files. You would have downloaded it via a link … a link is just a piece of text like any other part of the message. If you got a virus, it was from whatever site the .blend file was on.


yeah i know, I meant to put it that way

Is that blend file still listed and out there??? :eek:

The ‘worm’ on the site is probably due to some shady adsense code, nothing to worry about. Plus, virus detections are never 100% accurate.

But what about this blender file you are talking about? a blender file may contain a virus but it will not be harmful since you are not running it as an executable directly. unless…

  • the file uses malicious python to gain access to the system
  • it exploits blender in such a way that part of the .blend file is somehow executed.

You know blender has finally matured when there are exploits outthere designed specifically for blender :wink:

it was a .rar archive :eyebrowlift2:

besides I’m not trying to cause a panic; don’t resent the messenger

I was merely giving a heads up

I’m not a network specialists so I don’t know all that stuff I just know that I’ve only gotten 2 virus warnings over the coruse of 8 months and 2 of them happened on the same week while I was doing something on this site.

Now I have pretty good virus protection, some people may not, so I was just letting you know:yes:


Is that blend file still listed and out there??? :eek:

See for yourself : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85275