Wormhole Effect

I have an animation I am doing and wanted to have the camera go through a cable and follow the curve that cable follows. The cable is made with a bezier curve and wanted to know how to achieve this effect called “Wormhole”. Is there a way to have the camera follow the path and rotate on its own? Any help is appreciated.

Ok, so you want the camera to follow a path. I click on the camera, then shift click on the path. Press crtl+p and select follow path. Turn on your camera axis indicator and see what local axis it is pointing to. I believe it is usually Z if you haven’t changed it.

Anyway, now key frame the local Z axis with the rotation you want. Press r+r to set local rotation.

I figured it out. Thank you for your help.
Btw is it at all possible to have one section of a bezier curve be extruded and another not or have the path following start at a certain keyframe?

Yes, key frame the evaluation time will give you the desired effects.

Now say i wanted the following to begin at frame 10 would i key evaluation as 1 on from 10?