Worn metal texture with golden emboss pattern

I’m building a steel helmet. i intended it to have this worn metal look with the emboss gold flower pattern at certain parts, I manage to create the worn metal look and the emboss gold flower pattern. but i can’t find a way to combine those two. Here’s my helmet.

And here’s where the problem lie.

If you notice, the brim and ear guard has the worn metal look. but the part with the emboss pattern is too polished. I want to have the worn metal look but retain the golden flower pattern. I tried manipulating nodes and editing the image. But none get me anywhere near my goal. If anyone have any idea how to do it, please do share. TQ.

bl or cycles and if so can you show nodes set up!

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TQ. Here’s the nodes set up

And here the image i use as textures

Glass BSDF node: You got roughness at zero (meaning: pure shine). Up it! For imperfections add noise or texture map (to roughness).

Some more info here:
The Cycles Shader Encyclopedia on Blender Guru

Realistic Shaders & Textures by Chocofur:

for this image is this a real photo ?
otherwise might not work with displacement !

you need to separate the flowers from the background

I think you might need to make a mask for the background
to be able to add another mat

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Making mask? In Blender or in Photoshop? And another question. Is it possible to create a mesh that follow the shape of a pattern in an image.

You might want to use a texture plugged into a mix node to control the gloss. Make a worn metal material and a gold material, connect them with a mix node, and then plug in the black&white mask. Also, why are you using a glass material? If it doesn’t need to be transparent, you could just use a glossy one. I hope that this is helpful and I didn’t just miss something you said :slight_smile:

Here is one you can try out…http://www.pasteall.org/blend/36340
Hope helps. You can use Gimp for any kinds of image conversions. I’d recommend installing G’MIC filters on top.

“Is it possible to create a mesh that follow the shape of a pattern in an image”

Use Gimp to create image which would characterize better the shape you want. {Flower example here rather fits medical vision tests lab’s arsenal and any algorithm trying to “see” shapes would fry CPU. Human brain doesn’t fever for some reason…}
Then use Inkscape to generate vector shape you could bring into blender and convert to mesh which you’d have to clean before you used Srinkwrap modifier. This mentioned (manual !) "cleaning might take longer than you’d expect.
I do not know of any automation which would do all operations for you.

Ah! The flower texture is actually a separate mesh from the helmet. I tried to create a transparent background that will reveal the helmet’s metal texture. I tried transparent shader, but it doesn’t work. So i tried glass shader hoping that if i set the IOR to 1, it’ll become entirely transparent as well.

Anyway. It’s just a little over a month since i involve with Blender and with 3D modelling in general. So forgive me if i seem clueless, because mostly, i really am.

because background is mostly white
you can use the this as a FAC value to separate flower from white
but this is not 100 % white so will work like t 90 %

you could achieve better control using a BW and white mask to separate the flower !

choose your method and

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Probably going to require multiple maps. Maybe this kind of setup could be a start

flowers.blend (737 KB)

Didn’t pack a environment texture because it’s too big. Use your own.

I see. Why doesn’t it work, what happens if you use a transparent shader? Make sure that your transparent shader is pure white, that might be the problem…Also, enable “transparent shadows”, then it should work.