Worse than another SuZanne - It's.....

Orthodontists Bane



Yee haff bean waaarrr ned

I demand an animation!

At first glance not the best render I’ve ever seen, but when you look especially at the top part of the sphere, it has this really 2d-illustration-not 3d-airbrushed look that is kind of awesome.:rolleyes:



It made me laugh.

IMO, this is not worse than another Suzanne. It’s an original concept, and that’s always better than another Suzanne trying to be a masterpiece.

The airbrushed lights look could cover the whole ball though darker.

The darkest part of the shadow needs a little lightening.

You could make an apple from it, and add some depth to the carved eyes and mouth :slight_smile:

IMO Apples are not teh badazz. I wanted convey the fury of the jawbreaker like no other.

I couldn’t add more depth as the eyes and mouth are flat planes :cool:.

But seriously, this was more a study in lighting/compositing for me than anything. Though the dark line around the jawbreaker accents it, it was created entirely by accident. I put the jawbreaker on a separate layer so that I could add blur to the front and background. I thought this would give the jawbreaker a better pressence. The dark line was the result of this. All renders before separating the layers did not have it.

Either that, or it was there the whole time and the act of blurring the background simply made it more prominent.:spin:

I’m glad I could make youz laugh