Worst Pet Experience

All the ants in my ant farm commited scuicide, by jumping into their water dish. :eek:

Beat that!

When we had our old beagle, she decapitated one of my favorite plastic dinosaurs.

I don’t have any bad experiences as I know with our current dog and cat, other then our dog has come into the house three times after being sprayed by a skunk.

Well, this is more of something my pet did.

Oh god it’s disgusting.

I was living in Colorado at the time, and it was late at night on a Friday. Doop de boop, playing on the computer, grabbing a snack. I wanted to play Marble Blast, but that was on the other computer. I head down the hallway.
All of a sudden, I slip and nearly fall. The first thing I thought was, ‘What the F***?!’ Keep in mind that it was very dark in the house, so I had no idea. I run to the kitchen, wash off my heel, wary of that spot I just stepped in. ‘What the hell was that?’ I turn on the lights, and sure enough, there were three piles of cat crap all over the hardwood floor. They must have been sick and weren’t able to make it. I had to clean it all up; everyone was sleeping. I was gagging the whole time, scared that if I barfed I would clean that up too. So that kept it in. I made several thousand trips to paper towels/rags, the crap, and the big trash can. Eventually it was all cleaned up. I didn’t tell anyone, because if I did, they would have been scared of the crap spots. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Well, I used about seven soap containers (not really) in the process of cleaning it up.

So…one night while in college, my room mate and I go to Walmart at midnight to get some fish to start a fish tank. Our Walmart had weird fish. The night we got there, I got a small blue, lobster and a sword tale. My friend got a frog and some other cool little fish.

When I got to the check out, they put the little bag with the blue lobster on the scanner. The thing went nuts and started poking holes in the bag. The cashier mistakenly entered $2,800 dollars into the register instead of $28.00, therefore she could not over ride the transaction. Water is spraying all over the isle and she got the manager and rebagged the little monster.

We got them home and set up the tank. I’ve never had fish, he did so I let him set the whole thing up. We put in the fish flakes and then the little lobster food cube. The next morning, his little fish was missing. We could only find the lobster, frog and sword tale.

The next day…I found a little piece of sword tale floating in the tank. The rest of the fish was missing.

The next day…I walked into the room to find the frog half eaten while in the mouth of the little blue lobster.

The next day…the lobster died.

What a waste of money, but hey…it makes a fun story.

I can see you learned about fish the hard way. I learned the hard way too when my “male” platy had 100+ fry (Still trying to count them all). That’s my second worst experience, because they didn’t all die.

Well, af few years ago, I used to spend quite a bit of time playing my keyboards and sequecing the results into compositions. I would come home after work and go directly into the “studio” which was really just a spare bedroom converted to music. I had a cat named Hollywood, a rather lean and muscular fellow, black with piecing eyes, and an attitude to boot. It seems that I was not paying him his due of attention. One day I came home, fired up the system and found that there was a terrible noise coming from my monitors. Upon closer inspection I found that my mixer had strange and some sort of dried up stains on it. I opened the tape bay, and guess what? It was full of cat pee. Needless to say, it was trashed. I really had fun trying to explain all of that to my insurance agent.

Moral, give the kitty rubs first…

EDIT By the way, I did manage to get a better mixer out of the whole thing. Maybe I owe the cat thanks.

…lol. Some good tales here!

i have a story but it’s not particularly funny…

a few years ago when my dog was still a puppy I took her to the local park, we were playing games, chasing each other (puppies are energetic and cool!) and generally having a fun time.

There was one game we played which went like this:

dog jumps up at me and tries to bite my arm (not hard, like I say we were playing), i push her over and she gets up and chases me so we can repeat the game. All good fun.

the last time we did it, she jumped at me quite high and my push actually knocked her over onto her back - well it would have done if her back left leg hadn’t somehow got stuck in the ground.

I heard a snap, like a dry branch cracking. directly after that, the dog was screaming, not howling, screaming. i picked her up and had to carry her home like a baby. she spent one terrible night at home before we could take her to the vets (it was a sunday).

The vet told us she had a spiral fracture of the large middle bone in her leg. a portion of the bone had just peeled off and had been grating against itself while i was carrying her…it makes me feel sick just typing it.

when the dog came back from the vets she had a big metal brace on her leg which attached to her broken bone via screws, and which we had to clean every day for about 4 months. we had no pet insurance so the total cost of everything (xrays etc) was over £1750…

Now she’s fine and insured up to the eyeballs!

cool lobster story by the way…

This happened to my brother about fifteen years ago. He came back from PE famished and thirsty. We’d had chicken that day, so he took the last piece and went back to the kitchen for a tall glass of lemonade.

When he came back, only an instant later, the chicken had been replaced a small shaggy dog: my mother’s Maltese was an athletic-level obstacle jumper. We had no way of knowing, until that moment. I kid you not: it was standing ON THE PLATE, right on the salad, and my starving bro was hit by confusing canicide/culinary ideas for a moment – specially as the dog looked back at him, frisky broccoli-shaped tail wagging, almost expecting to be congratulated on its performance.

My worst pet experience wasn’t very funny then, but I find it funny now. I was about 9 and I had this Siamese Fighting fish. He was about 4 years old (that’s about as long as they live) and he got real sick. I got home from school and we had put him on top of the fridge for some reason and my little brother was about 6 at the time and he forgot about “Rainbow” being up there and he opened the fridge. Well, the door some how caught the bowl and it fell on the floor. Man, I was soooooo angry!