Worst Topology known to man. Got your attention now best fix.

When I first started to learn modeling I made some things. Some I really like some are just ok. This one is Ok but my question is. What is the best method to fix the topology. Is it to just take a plane and start moving and extruding around the shape and making sure to make the topology as I go? Or can it be that one can delete some polys on the model and redo it that way? Meaning I delete a row or a whole section of polys on the back lets say and just extrude and rework it that way where I keep the original mesh and just delete and remove and then remake the faces. If both work if I decided to keep this model I think the head isn’t that bad but don’t you think the whole body should really be remodeled from scratch? Images To show the model Isn’t that the worst topology you have ever seen.

I’m not sure I completely understood what you’re asking but I’ll try to answer anyway:

  1. Yes, you sure can just re-edit parts of the mesh.
  2. Yes, you need a better distribution of polys on the body.
  3. Yes, you need additional loops around elbows.

And yes, you can just scrap the body and do it from scratch. But you can also keep the original mesh and just retopologize it, so that you don’t loose shape.

Stan Thanks I was just wondering if it was best to redo the mesh keeping the original for shape or if the other things were fine. I take it by your answer they are fine. I will need to decide what is best. Thanks.

all in all, it’s not so bad. it’s a bit denser than it needs to be though. having too many polygons can really bog down a scene, depending on what else is in it.

personnaly, i always prefere to it from scratch most of the time. The topology is good if you don’t want to animate him.

The arms and the legs at the elboy and knee bend fine but others stuff like the body not so much. Though thanks for the input though it is making me a little more confused about topology I did this when I had no clue about body topology I knew a little about head topology. I do have others that I bet are worse. I will need to decide if I want to start from scratch or not. There is one I probably will start from scratch. Thanks again for all the input Stan Pancakes Modron and Damien