Worth waiting 2.8 for object disintegration and UE4 export

(davide445) #1

As 3d beginner (some sparse experience on many tools) I want to achieve this result

With the goal to export the animation in UE4 for realtime rendering.
Having briefly tried and abandoned Blender 4 years ago for his really difficult (for me) UI I wanted to ask if 2.8 will make some difference for this kind of work.

(zeauro) #2

You can find same kind of desintegration effect tutorial for blender 2.7x.
First releases of 2.8x series will not have a different particles system that the one existing in 2.79b.

2.8 will just allow to render it with EEVEE. But if you have a problem with 2.79b particles system workflow, 2.8 will not solve it.

(davide445) #3

I didn’t have problem with particles I’m sure will be possible to achieve this effect in Blender, I’m just wondering about the UI, so speaking Blender usability.
The only factor that prevented me in trying again Blender in the last 4 years it’s his UI, I was not able to work with.
As a beginner this is an important factor.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #4

No, it’s not worth it. Find a Blender tutorial and knuckle down or waste more years waiting for the shiny new panacea which might not even change enough to appeal to you. Or find a software that can export particle data to UE4 with a UI / UX to your taste.

If you’re attempting game dev navigating a UI will be among the least of your problems btw.
Good luck, try to have fun.

(davide445) #5

Will try again, maybe this time with this specific goal in mind will click.
No game dev, my goal is video art to be used for the events of the NPO I’m involved in the free time, a dance school.