wot ave i dun rong?

i am following this tutorial https://vimeo.com/11232299
i am hampered by the fact that my steam powered computer does not like to show the picture on the surface when i try and do UV - your computer will show it but mine seldom does. updating to the latest version of blender was no help. just made things worse as i could not find things.

following the tute i have an image on both sides of the plane. great - it is supposed to (see tute)

I can see it on the screen when i turn over the plane - see pics.
but the camera only sees one side- the other- when i flip the plane is just black.

UH OH just noticed it is now the same image on both sides - but the camera sees the other image!

thanks for your badly needed help!


tempbook2.blend (565 KB)

here - i hope - is the packed file


tempbook2pack.blend (691 KB)

The material you have assigned to the plane deliberately assigns a black texture to the backside face… what were you expecting to get other than that?

the other picture.
as per the video tute