would anyone mind....

would anyone mind testing my game and helping me work out the bugs?..I’ll post it later. My game doesn’t look that good because i just got to work with the game engine a couple days ago, but it’s kinda interesting…except the camera gets really screwed up
thanks in advanced…and please help if you can.
Anyone? The main thing i need is fixing my camera because when my ball hits some surfaces the camera spins around and stuff…

just post the .blend, and ask if anyone can find the cams problem…

k,its the pipeball game here
if you can help me figure out how to fix the camera, like when you go down the pipe thing, i would be very gratefull

sorry i had ball in wrong place use the link now
the controls are wasd to move and space to jump

ok…Im not having any problems with the cam, the problem is that the ball starts spinning, and then the cam does too. trying using the camera actuator, instead of parenting the cam to the ball…

I thinkt hat should help. Basicly, the camera rotates when the ball does, resulting in a crazy spinning view.

Ya i knew that much i didnt know about this camera actuator thing…how do i use lol? Oh and what do you think of it?

wait sorry figured out actuator, thank you so much…i got to fiddle with it to make it follow the ball better so it can be controlled…and when you go down the funnel thing the ball still moves off the edge, i’m going to add walls and see what happens

Glad i could help.
The game is fine, try using smooth on the pipe, and giving it some textures.
And activating realtime lighting.

mmk…i was going to smooth the pipe a bit later…i posted the version with the camera actuator and walls on the site…it’s pipeballgame2, can you tell me if it’s too hard to control?.. and what i can do to fix it

edit: well if i turn off ridgid body it’s better but doesn’t look as good…and still a bit hard to control

ok, not bad, But I think oyur game would be better as just a sort of realtime demo, where the ball rolls down the track, and the cam follows. Try taking off the roll animation, just activate rigid body for the empty.

k I’ll do that, but what do you meen realtime…and how do i activate realtime lighting or whatever and there are other paths then the pipe:D thanks

edit: k i did the rigid body but it doesn’t roll on the plains…how do i fix? lol sorry for this, it seems to be a huge mess

oh, realtime lighting is in…guh, OK,
Have you beenthru all of the vid tutes in the GE: Pro Now sticky in this forum? Go thru all of those, youll learn all the basics much faster.


i can’t watch them I run open bsd not windows